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One of my many regrets about my early sex work days was not keeping a diary. In saying that, I still don’t journal, and it’s one of my biggest pet peeves about myself. I buy beautiful journals, monogram them with a quirky title, and they wind up sitting on my bedside table to collect dust for the next eternity. However, in an effort to make up for this I started doing ‘year in review’ blogs last year. So, without further ado, here are ten of my personal highlights from 2017.

1. I travelled to Europe!
This was massive. A dear friend of mine and I braved a long-haul flight to London, where we galavanted around Europe together for a month. I’ve always believed that every person should make an opportunity to travel at least once in their lifetime, as there’s nothing quite so humbling or exciting as exploring your own backyard. I’ll forever remember standing in the snow as I looked out across a German concentration camp, absolutely overcome with emotion; or trying to hail a cab in a cobblestoned street no wider than the span of my outstretched arms (it didn’t go well). This trip was truly amazing.

2. I completed my Masters!
Also massive. Having previously done the bookwork, I did an intensive year of laboratory research and wrote a 15 thousand-word thesis on it. Never before have I done something so challenging, and am so proud to share that I am now on the home-stretch of my journey to become “Doctor Grey.”

3. I travelled with a client!
Prior to this year this had never happened to me before, and what an amazing experience it was. We took a walk by the beach, and braved my fear of heights to do a treetop hiking adventure. It was a real privilege to have this experience, and I feel incredibly blessed!

4. I opened an AMA!
‘Ask Me Anything’ forums have been widely used for people to open themselves up to questions about their lives, work or a specific area of knowledge. As I am someone who deeply values honesty and pride myself on being able to deliver my full self in bookings, I wanted to find a way to allow non-paying clients to experience this first-hand. As of today, my AMA has received over one thousand questions, with new ones coming in every day!

5. I held a guest spot in a massage parlour!
When I first entered the industry, I worked in a parlour in Melbourne. This year, I was lucky enough to be invited to work at Red Door in Canberra. It was two days of pure and cheeky fun, where I had my first doubles booking with a client who had an oil fetish! Many thanks to owner Donna for allowing me to have this fun and nostalgic experience! The parlour was designed entirely by Donna, and each room is a reflection of her creativity and eye for detail. I’ve never seen a parlour like it. If you’ve never been, head over to Red Door Canberra for a truly decadent experience.

6. I gave up alcohol for charity!
For a whole month, myself and other Australian escorts (such as Estelle Lucas and Kitty Galore) gave up alcohol in order to raise money for Life Education Australia. Together, we raised over $4000, securing a first place position on the Ocsober leaderboard. With this money, children in rural locations now have access to important programmes like Healthy Harold, which provide education on leading healthy, safe and happy lifestyles.

7. I started a blog!
Previously, I’ve been known to be something of a non-committal blogger. The truth is, that I’ve loved writing ever since I was a little girl. Therefore, I decided to bite the bullet and add a blogging section to my website. Through this, I can explore my understanding and opinions of various aspects of the industry, in addition with sharing my journey. It’s a wonderful feeling, to be able to write openly and honestly in a little space all of my own.

8. I gained 12,000 twitter followers!
This was huge. The idea that 12,000 people were tuned in to my twitter feed staggers me. I love being a part of this community, and having this many of its members within arms reach brings me lots of joy. The sex industry today is constantly fighting stigma, and challenges old stereotypes on a daily basis. I love knowing that there is such a volume of people involved in the industry, and that it grows every day, as it is a hallmark of the success of that fight.

9. I made new friends!
To speak more about the sex worker community, being able to make new and meaningful connections means a lot to me. This industry can be incredibly isolating, with each individual running their own business or focusing on their work independently. Therefore, it is so important to be able to have a support network at hand, to help you through times both good and bad. It has been my absolute pleasure to have met and befriended a select few. Asha, Charlotte and Georgie, I’m looking at you!

10. I had my three-year anniversary!
This is especially important to me, and is potentially one of my biggest achievements so far. It’s no secret that I’ve faced a number of nasty challenges, particularly this year, yet to have been able to maintain my independence, happiness and success through sex work is massive. While I know that this won’t be forever, I hope to be around for at least another few years.

Thank you to everyone who contributed to the many great points on this list! Sending you all lots of love, and wishing you the very best for the new year.



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