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Date published: July 27, 2019 at 8:08 pm
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Vivienne was clearly an overnight sensation when she entered this industry. I noticed that she attracted rave reviews very early on. Her beauty also struck me from the first time I viewed her profile. You know what I mean, right?

We met for the first time in Nov 2017 for a one hour booking, which I extended to 1.5 hours after the first 30 minutes. I was hooked! She was great fun from the get-go. So down-to-earth and candid. One minute we were talking shit and laughing our heads off (a la Control Bear - take a close look at her cute tattoo). The next minute we were effortlessly engaging in a deep and meaningful conversation about things that really matter. This was the beginning of a deep and enduring connection.

There is so much more to Vivienne than her beautiful face. Somehow she manages to fit an enormous heart inside her gorgeous, petite bod! Over time, we have been growing closer, building trust, sharing deeper affection (and having beautiful sex). I now see her as often as I can afford to, meaning I am no longer seeing other escorts. It’s been overnighters and day-long meetings for ages now. There are very few escorts that I have known with whom I am comfortable for extended bookings. We spend so much time looking into each other’s eyes, holding each other and caring about each other as we talk. Silences are never awkward between us. They are times of enormous contentment.

Vivi is honest and seriously genuine in wanting to make you feel happy and special. She is truly a generous soul. Treat her well, respect her boundaries, and she will be a lover devoted to making you happy, whether you like cuddles or hot sex or both.

Obviously, before booking Viv for an overnighter, get to know each other over one or two shorter meetings first, like I did. If the connection is real for both of you, maybe she can become your overnight sensation too!
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