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Date published: May 28, 2017 at 2:53 pm
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I’ve been punting very happily for nearly five years now, and the only regret that I have is that there are still so many wonderful ladies I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting (and realistically, I know it will be impossible to meet all the ones I want to!) So I always feel a particular sense of pride and accomplishment when I finally do get the chance to meet a lady that I’ve wanted to meet for ages, especially a well-known and highly reputable lady who has been a staple of the industry for many years. I speak on this occasion of the curvy buxom bombshell Vivienne Black!

What can I say about Vivienne that others haven’t already said? Probably not a lot, but I can echo the vast amount of praise that she rightly receives. From the minute I arrived at her hotel room (and, unsurprisingly, she has fantastic taste in hotels!) Vivienne was warm and welcoming and catered to my every need after a long hard day. That’s not to say I didn’t try my hardest to reciprocate and look after her just as well ;)

After getting the business side of things out of the way and a shower to freshen up, I was greeted by the stunning sight of a naked Vivienne with a glass of wine (I had brought a bottle along with me) and a cheese platter. We indulged in some light snacking while chatting and letting our hands explore each other’s bodies, and it wasn’t long before I let my mouth do some exploring as well. Putting the platter to one side, I began feasting on Vivienne’s large breasts and delicious nipples. I also indulged my dominant side a little by pulling her head firmly back while I devoured her breasts, and my other hand found its way to her pussy. In fact, large parts of the evening were devoted to my fingers furiously fucking Vivienne’s pussy, helpfully aided at intervals by her vibrator which resulted in some very loud orgasms, including two or three in a row at one stage!

But when my fingers weren’t doing the work, my cock was more than happy to take over. The sight of Vivienne furiously riding me in cowgirl and reverse cowgirl, pinning me down and practically using me to get herself off like a woman possessed will stay firmly with me for a very long time. And switching to missionary so I could return the favour by pinning her down and pounding her as hard as I could was equally enthralling for both of us!

And of course, I can’t forget the grand finale, shooting my load all over Vivienne’s amazing breasts, which I actually haven’t done with a lady for some time, so it was particularly pleasing to experience it on this occasion! Vivienne dutifully rubbed as much of my cum into her breasts as she could (even cheekily feeding me a tiny, tiny bit!) looking extremely happy and satisfied to have gotten her reward ;)

Just as a side note, we somehow got onto the topic of dancing not long after that, and Vivienne and I found ourselves dancing tango and salsa naked in her hotel lounge room, her breasts still covered in my cum (I’m not sure if any of it flew off around the room anywhere!) It was definitely a fun way to wind down from our time together before sharing a naughty shower for two and bidding her a fond farewell.

Sadly, Vivienne is retiring from touring Australia, but I occasionally make trips up to Sydney, so I am hopeful our paths will cross again. She is a genuine, warm, adorable and stunningly sexy lady with delicious curves who far exceeded my expectations, and proof that good things do indeed come to those who wait! Thank you so much, V xxx
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