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Date published: August 30, 2014 at 2:52 am
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I have seen the lovely Vivienne on a number of occasions and each time seems to blow my mind (and other things!!) even further. This latest rendezvous, Vivienne met me in the lobby wearing a stunning short figure hugging black dress. She looked absolutely to die for, showing off her killer curves to perfection. She is drop dead gorgeous and I have to pinch myself every time I have the pleasure of spending a number of hours with her.

The ride up in the elevator seemed to take forever, but eventually we made it to Vivienne's level. She led the way along the corridor, and I could not resist a couple of playful slaps on that sexy bum of hers as it swayed in front of me. We made it to the room, where we started passionately kissing once behind closed doors. Vivienne is such an incredible kisser and I love the feel and taste of her lips on mine. She has soft sensual lips, perfect for kissing. We then poured some refreshments and had a lovely chat about what each of us had been up to. Vivienne indicated that dinner would be on its way and I would be most welcome to share. I especially thank her for this kind gesture (as I was rather hungry myself). She is such a beautiful person, and in my experience, everything she does is about making sure her companion is well and truly satisfied in every way. Vivienne is a very friendly, easy to talk to, down to earth person with a lovely engaging personality and will make you feel at ease straight away. Dinner was served and we opened a bottle of wine and contiued chatting away, including some friendly banter in regards to certain items of the fruit platter that we shared (use your imagination!)

Once we had eaten our fill, we returned for some more DFK before Vivienne decided that it was time I should be inspected! I seemed to pass muster because after a short while Vivienne suggested I have a shower. Upon emerging from the shower, I entered the bedroom to find Vivienne in a naughty Paramedic/Nurse outfit, complete with a working stethoscope. She was looking smoking hot and so sexy, with the outfit struggling to contain her magnificant full bust and left nothing to the imagination! I soon found out the stethoscope buzzed etc as Vivienne decided that I needed to be checked over, placing it over various parts on my body. She ocassionally kissed my body in different places as this was going on. I was then gently pushed back onto the bed and asked to put the stethoscope on my chest so I could feel my heart beating.

After Vivienne made sure I was comfortable on the bed, she produced a blindfold and placed it over my eyes so I could no longer see anything. She then began to tease me all over, gently kissing and lightly licking from my neck, upper body and nipples right down to my groin. I can certainly tell you my heart was starting to beat faster on a number of occasions, particularly when her mouth ventured further south! Her teasing was rentleless and the incredible feeling was even further heightened by the fact that I could not see exactly where she was touching until her mouth came into contact with my skin. Vivienne then took me in her mouth and started an amazing BJ. Her technique is amazing, from swirling her tongue around the head of my cock to licking up and down its entire length to engulfing it deep down inside her throat, Vivienne drove me crazy the whole time. She varies the pace to perfection too, seemingly knowing when I am getting too close and slows down, only to pick back up again sucking my cock faster and faster. Just when I think I can take it no longer, Vivienne stops and lifts up the blindfold showing me an object in her hand which looked like a dildo with raised humps. I had no idea what this object was (found out later from Vivienne that it was anal beads) but I pretty much knew where it was going and thought why not, so I nodded my approval to Vivienne.

It was a strange feeling at first, but I completely trust Vivienne and know that she would take good care of me. Once my body got used to it, it was actually pretty amazing with Vivienne controlling the object. While this was going on, Vivienne started back on another oral assult of my cock. Vivienne was working her magic on me downstairs, licking sucking taking me deep in her mouth. The anal beads and BJ in combination was an intense out of this world experience, but in such a pleasurable way. It was like nothing else I had ever felt before. This added to my excitement levels ( as I could hear my heart beating faster and faster via the stethoscope) and before long I indicated to Vivienne that I was close. I believe it must have been the beads together with Vivienne's amazing BJ, but I don't ever remember having a longer more satisfying orgasm. Vivienne then gently and slowly removed the beads, and this was surprisingly incredibly pleasant, tickling and caressing my balls all the way and giving me delicious shivers.

After I had a shower to freshen up and recover from this, we refilled our glasses and I joined Vivienne on the bed. She had changed into a very sexy gstring and bra and I decided it was only fair that I return the favour. I began by lightly kissing her on the stomach, and rubbing and caressing her with my hands. Vivienne has soft smooth beautiful skin which I always love touching. I moved my way up her body, kissing as I went. I teased all around her bra with my mouth, playing with her nipples. Bra was then removed giving me full access to her amazing bust. I made my way back down heading south to her pleasure centre, licking and kissing through the gstring. I then continued kissing down there, while at the same time rubbing a couple of fingers back and forth over her clit. Vivienne guided my fingers to where she desired and after a little while started to become breathless. I alternated the pace and Vivienne's response indicated that I was on a winner. After a few minutes, Vivienne began to shudder and with a number of moans came in a delightful orgasm.

Once she had composed herself, I lay on top of Vivienne and we started passionately kissing. I love skin to skin contact with this gorgeous stunner. It is a special feeling and always gives me goosebumps. The kisses turned a little hotter and became full DFK. My fingers had once again found their way down to Vivienne's pussy and clit. She was still a little sensitive down there after the first round, and so I very gently and slowly began moving my fingers back and forth and around in erotic circles. This resulted in the desired response from Vivienne and I could hear her breathless moans on the occasions our lips were not locked. I could feel her starting to get wet and knew it was time to taste her.

I moved her gstring to one side and slid my tongue onto her pussy lips. I absoultely love DATY and Vivienne has a beautiful responsive pussy, perfect for play. She let out a involuntary moan as my tongue started dancing back and forth over her pussy. I moved my mouth and tongue up and down, as Vivienne's hips began to buck. She was becoming increasingly wet and I slipped my tongue ever deeper inside. Her juices started running over my chin and mouth and I stayed down there pleasuring Vivienne until, with a couple of breathless gasps, I was rewarded with another intense orgasm from her. My tongue flicked back and forth as Vivienne continued to spasm. Vivienne then drew my head towards her and kissed me passionately, tasting her juices still on my mouth and face. She tastes so sweet and yummy - perfect!!

We had a good break, with a drink and some more lovely chat. Vivienne then offered a massage and I took up the opportunity, knowing how good she is. Vivienne has an incredible touch and seems to know exactly where to masage and caress me and what pressure to apply. It felt amazing and really relaxing. She then turned me over on my back and skimmed her fingers down my body, placing light pressure as dragged them back and forth. This gave me shudders and was a real turn on. Vivienne kissed my nipples and gently sucked on them before heading her way down my body. She had started playing with my cock, moving her hand ryhthmically up and down. Once she reached the intended target, she commenced another mindblowing BJ, applying just the right amount of pressure. Vivienne then hopped on for some cowgirl, slowly sinking herself down onto my erect cock. The feeling as my cock became encased in Vivienne's pussy is indescrible. It was like I was floating in the clouds - out of this world! Vivienne began to gind away causing a delicious friction, and both of us were gasping of a number of occasions. Vivienne was in a kneeling position and really began to pick up the pace, bouncing up and down with the full length of my cock sliding in and out - what a view!

We rolled over into missionary position, with Vivienne moaning and panting that I had hit the perfect spot.We continued in this position for some time, both enjoying the feeling of our bodies entwined together and the slick heat and movement. We changed positions and moved into doggy. I always love this with Vivienne as it is the perfect position to view her amazing ass - stunning. As Vivienne was close to coming, we decided to try something different, which was a first for me. I placed my left foot and lower leg between Vivienne's legs and rubbed and massaged her pussy. At the same time we kissed each other firmly and deeply with hot open mouthed DFK. It wasn't long before Vivienne exploded in another strong orgasm. I was close to coming myself, so as I half lay over her, Vivienne used her magic hands on me downstairs and before long I shot off another huge load all over Vivienne's body and boobs.

I was spent, so we adjourned to the shower together and had lots of hot soapy steamy fun in there. Lathering each other up and tenderly washing each other off, with lots of caresses and erotic touches, including some anal play on Vivienne using my fingers. There were also some lovely passionate kisses shared. We spent some time in there enjoying the feel of each other bodies and for the finale we shared a two way golden shower experience. This was a fanatstic way to complete the evening and something I really enjoy with Vivienne.

After a few more kisses, Vivienne and I walked down together to the outside area and had a final chat for a while before parting company. Vivienne thank you so much for another incredible fun time together. What more could I ask for - you wined me, dined me, we shared the most amazing sexual experience and you explored and extended my sexual boundaries, making sure I was totally satisfied.

Vivienne is a beautiful stunning sexy woman with a body that just screams pleasure and hot fun. But more importantly she is also a lovely sweetheart with the most friendly caring sweet personality - a very special woman indeed. She is the ultimate package in my opinion.
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