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Date published: October 17, 2014 at 7:35 pm
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The beautiful Vivienne Black I have seen twice before this most recent booking and every time the experience just gets better. This latest time, the third encounter of Miss Black and Mr Lucky, was an awesome night in the making.

The last time I booked Vivienne for a three hour PSE I was delightfully surprised by being tied to a chair and teased…. Then Miss black pulled a string of pearls that she had hidden in her pussy that she then wrapped around my cock to aid in an amazing "pearl blow job" dressed in a bunny suit. Hot anal, vibrating toys and messy bubble bath followed after. I was interested to know what she had in store for me this time…

Due to a few technical hiccups Vivienne had to postpone her trip by a day which was fine. So when we finally met up the next night Vivienne met me in the lobby wearing a beautiful white dress that show off her great figure when we got into the room I was shown some of the new costume and toys Vivienne had just bought then offered me a drink which I accepted. I only manage to have a sip before Vivienne moved in for some DFK, yes it was Vivienne who made the first move as she told me days leading up to this appointment she was horny and it showed. Lots of kissing as she took off my shirt and pushed me back on the bed to yank my pants down to being one of many great bjs of the night. Her skill at this is mind blowing the foreplay probably went on for about 20mins before I manage to duck away for a quick shower when I returned Vivienne was in a sexy cheerleader outfit with little whips as her pom poms she did a little cheer for me then my little fella was lucky enough to feel how nice her cleavage feels as she teased him in there …another quick bj then on with the dom so with could start the main event. Turned out Vivienne wasn't the only one excited and horny. I believe that 20mins of foreplay and 5mins or so of fun we both climaxed.

Afterwards we lay back chatted before show me a book she was reading about different techniques for giving bj as we were looking she saw one she wanted to try with mint she then remembered she actually had mints in her bag. I didn't think my little fella was ready yet but with Vivienne skills he was up to the experience with the mint, Vivienne and I decided we both didn't like the mint bj too much, she giggle that she didn't like the taste and I found the sensation of the mint nothing special.

Then it was off the take a hot fun shower with Vivienne she soaped up my chest and rub our body together more kissing then I started to pleasure Vivienne. She came grinding her pussy into my fingers pushed up against the shower glass then another bj ended it with a quick romp before heading back to the bed to relax.

It was time try out another one of the new toys (pussy pump) which after Vivienne said was her new favorite toy, she said it feels like its going to pull an orgasm out of her, later that night though she was told that it might not be good for you. So after trying out this toy it was time for round 3 as we were about to start little mate was tired… Vivienne was ready to go and she wasn't going to let him nap..so with the magic of her hands he was awake again… I was like yes, so was Vivienne, the 3rd round went a lot longer the 1st but when it finally ended Vivienne lol as she said 'omg I don't know how many times, I lost count how many times I just climaxed" which stroked my ego a little. Finally let just say they will be another catch up with Vivienne I still have something I have got to try and I will get Vivienne to do next time
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