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Date published: February 8, 2015 at 6:00 am
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Wow, wow and WOW!! I do not think there are any words that I can say that will do this woman justice, but I will do my best. Vivienne Black is the absolute ultimate companion, in my opinion. She has a stunning, sizzling hot, jaw dropping body that just oozes sex appeal from head to toe. Her figure possesses amazing sexy X-Rated curves in all the right places - she is after all the Sexpot!! Vivienne's skin is so soft and smooth, perfect for touching and caressing (among other things). Her lips are also so soft and warm, perfect for kissing and teasing. It is all this that contributes to making Vivienne a dangerously addictive and incredible woman to spend time with...

However, there is a lot more to Vivienne Black than just her stunning looks. She is a very intelligent knowledgeable lady, completely switched on and across a broad range of topics and issues. Vivienne is so friendly, welcoming and engaging, and this combined ensures she is so easy and lovely to be with. She makes you feel so comfortable and at ease, and there are always lots of smiles and laughs. Vivienne has the most beautiful cheeky smile, which lights up her whole face. One of the most attractive qualities about Vivienne is that she is a genuine sweetheart. She is the most beautiful, kind-hearted, generous soul that anyone could have the pleasure of meeting. And I feel so blessed and priviliged that I have had the pleasure of meeting and getting to know the lovely Vivienne. She is indeed a very very special woman and always will be to me.

This latest rendezvous occurred back in December. Vivienne buzzed me up to her room, and I was greeted by the majestic sight of her wearing a very skimpy gstring and bra which did little to contain her magnificent full DD bust. We immediately initiated a hot passionate DFK, which continued for some time. Vivienne is such a beautiful amazing kisser, so warm and inviting, and I lose myself in her kisses. She invites me further into the room, pours some drinks and we have a catch up. I handed her my special gifts, which she absolutely loved! Some more sweet sensual kisses, before I take a shower. Upon returning, I am invited to sit on a chair which Vivienne has placed in the middle of the the lounge/entertaining room. She started kissing my face lips and neck, licking sucking and gently teasing. Working her way further down my body, she spent some time playing with my nipples. I absolutely love this (and Vivienne knows this!). Vivienne removed her bra, giving me full access to her boobs. She also took off her gstring, so that she was now completely naked before me. What a sight - a vision of loveliness, incredible beauty and sheer hotness. She continued her trail down my body kissing, licking, touching and caressing, as her hands and fingers glided over my body as well. She was sending wonderful shivers through my body. Vivienne found my groin and, after a short time massaging and teasing, removed my boxers as my now rock hard cock sprang free. Vivienne then commenced one of the most amazing blowjobs I have ever experienced. Her tongue explored every inch of my shaft, licking up and down both sides, swirling around the head of my cock which just drives me crazy. Her hands lightly caressed my balls before being replaced by her tongue. She then moved back up to the tip, swirling her tongue around and around before sliding the head inside her mouth. It was amazing to watch as my cock slipped further and further down, with Vivienne looking up at me with her mischievous eyes shining. She has an incredible technique, varying the pace and depth and pressure to perfection, driving me wild. I disappeared even further inside as Vivienne completed engulfed my cock in her mouth. This went on for a couple of minutes and was absolutely mind blowing!

During this entire time of being pleasured, I was seated in my chair. However, I was not restrained in any way and my hands were free to roam - and roam they certainly did!! Caressing, rubbing and touching all over Vivienne's soft sexy naked body. I was enjoying myself immensely, and I am pretty sure Vivienne was too judging by her reactions. Vivienne then slipped herself on top of me as I was still sitting and began passionately kissing me. I wrapped my arms around her and returned with interest and soon we were engaged in a number of hot DFK. Vivienne started grinding against me in the cowgirl position and our tongues continued sliding into each other mouths, which excited my aroused state even more. I kissed her face and neck, before dropping even lower to pay her nipples some much needed attention. I licked and sucked on each of Vivienne's erect nipples before fondling and massaging her boobs. Vivienne then lifted herself off me and then lowered her beautiful glistening pussy onto my cock, inch by inch until I was fully encased inside. She started rocking back and forth slowly at first, but before long had built up a good rhythm. I had my hands on her hips and slid them around to caress her wonderful ass cheeks. It was an amazing incredible feeling as Vivienne rode me - however I was hoping the chair wasn't going to topple as we were generating a bit of movement. As Vivienne continued riding faster and faster slapping against me, I could not hold back much longer and unloaded inside her. I held Vivienne against me and we stayed liked that for a little while, until both of our breathing returned to normal.

After topping up our drinks, we adjourned to the bedroom for lots more incredible steamy fun together. There was a lot more hot passionate DFK,sensual body touching and caressing,sex in multiple positions including cowgirl and missionary, and of course DATY. Vivienne has such a beautiful smooth responsive pussy and there was much enjoyment during the night as she came many times! There was even a little toy show from Vivienne too. Vivienne also treated me to a lovely candle wax massage, which is one of my favourites. It just felt so relaxing and wonderful as she rubbed her body and DD boobs all over my back, before turning me over and doing the same to my front. Thank you once again Vivienne for yet another out of this world, extremely enjoyable evening. You truly are one of a kind, a very special lady.
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