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Date published: March 4, 2015 at 5:05 am
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So this booking has been in the making for months as a birthday treat to myself. I was originally going to go to Sydney to see Vivienne and another sexy lady but had to change that plan due to time restrictions and Miss Vivienne agreed to come to visit me to make sure my B’day was a special one, we booked in for a fun 5-hour PSE session. As an extra treat I booked a very special hotel room that both Vivienne and I have wanted to checkout for some time… but this isn’t a review on nice hotels J


After months of waiting the night finally arrived, to say I was excited to see Vivienne again would be a massive understatement. The time drew near, I received a call from Vivienne saying the taxi had dropped her at the top of the street and she needed to walk to meet me. I raced out of the hotel to surprise her on the street. We locked eyes on each other; Vivienne’s first comment was “Wow Dave look at you!!! You are looking great!” Vivienne was looking casually stunning; she was wearing tight dark jeans and tight low cut tight black top, showing off that gorgeous cleavage and perky bottom…. This was going to be a great night! As we were walking back to the hotel I was thinking to myself, I wonder what the reception lady going to be thinking when I walk through reception with this stunning goddess???



Waiting for lift, card swipe, door open and we were upstairs to the room where I received a very sexy happy birthday kiss, followed by a glass of wine. We decided to put on some music to create the right atmosphere. While I was sitting and deciding on good sex music, Vivienne decided to give me a lap dance. The kissing and teasing from Vivienne made it very hard for me to concentrate on what I was doing, ok lets be honest I wasn’t paying attention to music at all, how can a mans brain work when his other brain is paying full attention!! Thankfully Vivienne decided to leave me alone for a few mintues to finish doing what I was trying to do with the music, she went into the bathroom to change into a special outfit, a fishnet see through cat body suit with matching ears, thigh high black stockings and sky high stiletto. When she appeared from the bathroom my jaw dropped to the floor and I felt my pants stir to hardness once again. On her hands a knees she crawled towards me sitting in the chair, “Happy Birthday Mr lucky” she said purring and licking her lips.


Vivienne wasted no time in stripping me naked purring in my ear and straddling me to the chair, another sexy striptease followed. She stated she “couldn’t help but tease me” with licking, spitting, sucking and blowing cool air from her lips on my balls and base of my…..oh my! Finally, after so much teasing I couldn’t take it anymore she decide to give me one of her very hot, wet and deep BJ, however she informed me I wasn’t allowed to cum just yet she had other plans first….


I then got the opportunity to dominate Vivienne for a change! As this wasn’t our first time together Vivienne said she was comfortable with me tying her up with shibari rope, she said that “she wasn’t allowed to cum unless I gave her permission first”…still very demanding as a slave Vivienne!!


Vivienne lay on the bed and I tied her up (with some instruction) and blindfolded her. I then started to kiss, lick and tease her lips, neck and nipples I also start to tease her below at the same time… “Pay back is a bitch” she said with her cute giggle. Then I had an idea, “payback…hmmmm!”


I started to remember another time a while ago were Vivienne used ice cubes on me, I checked the room quickly, and luckily I had some ice in a wine bucket near by. I grabbed a few pieces and started dripping the cold droplets from her neck down to her nipples and the side of her body. Slowly following my trail of the cold sensation with my warm tongue, just as she did to me! I got lower and lower with the pattern until I finally reached her clit. The initial shocks of cold made her inhale quickly and flinch somewhat, but she whimpered she enjoyed it, and so I proceeded. Once the ice melted away I grabbed another piece and placed it in my mouth to lick and suck her nipples for a few seconds before I went all out DATY, her body quickly tensed up so much so I thought she was going to end up climbing the walls…. she was a bad pussycat! She climaxed without permission too.


Once she recovered she ask if I could insert an ice cube while I was doing DATY. So I did, again you are a very bossy sub Miss Vivienne! With the ice on the tip of my finger I started finger her, once the ice was gone I grabbed one of her many vibrators to take over and by this time she had wiggled out of my rope work, she grabbed her magic wand to aid in the second cumming. Tensing up again and ready to climb the walls again, begging for her orgasm, but without permission climaxed…naughty kitten got a spank.


She took a quick breather before turning her attention back to my…well you know…I was ready! Feeling like I was in heaven in her mouth, I started to feel like I couldn’t take much more, Vivienne said, “no you don’t, not yet not until you standing!” This good kitten was back on her knees and with a few deep thrusts in her throat I was cumming in her mouth, face and all over her breasts. She then stood up pressing herself and grinding all of the cum all over her my body. We kissed with a bit of snowball and I could taste some of myself. We then went for a quick shower, some of it golden. Vivienne got dressed again in a sexy red lingerie set and then we went outside for a drink break and catch up.


Once we returned inside she said she has another outfit to show me. Earlier in the night Vivienne had asked me who I thought was the hottest female super hero. I had to think for a second, but I couldn’t go past “Wonder Woman”. Back to the point she ask if I had guessed yet what her next outfit was…. No clue, I actually had no clue.


She went and got changed again and to my surprise she returned as Wonder Woman, her bright red lips smiling at me with joy, blowing kisses at me in the air. I was shocked! It was now my turn to be lassoed and tied up. Vivienne has this skill down pat I might add, she tied me up and actually tied me down to the bed, I couldn’t move at all... “Pay back” I was thinking… how cunning Cat Woman was before, I had been lulled into a false sense of security J


Vivienne’s bright red lips started to tease their way down my body. I was officially branded with kisses!! Trademark of a time with Vivienne is being covered in red lipstick! A teased BJ before it was time for a rubber on and Vivienne rode me hard in cowgirl style, bouncing up and down, back and forth with her great boobs in my face. She then turned around for reverse cowgirl (her favorite) and is literally “A View To Kill!” Vivienne’s bottom is fantastic!


A while later of bouncy and grinding she jumped off from top and started to give me another BJ, but now I had other plans. “I want to do you, and I want to doggy” I said. “No” Wonder Woman replied,I want to watch each other play with ourselves first, I want to see you get harder watching me”. The hardcore became more sensual and erotic for a short time. Vivienne started up her wand again, and set about giving her self-orgasm after orgasm. I started tickle myself watching this amazing event, could you have held off?


Rubber on again I started to pound Vivienne hard, fast and deep doggy style while she continued to use the wand on her clit but think it got too much for her. She dropped the wand after she climaxed again with me inside her…intense is the only word here I can say. I wasn’t far away from the finish line, “yes I screamed”. “Yes cum inside me, fill up that condom” she screamed back…. How could I resist?


We had a naked chat and it was time to end our time, she took a quick shower, we had a goodbye kiss and I escorted her down downstairs to the taxis. Got to say that was the best birthday ever and can’t wait until next time
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