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Date published: April 7, 2015 at 3:59 pm
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Ladies and gentlemen, I thought I would take the time to provide a review for the amazing Vivienne Black. As a relatively new punter I have read escort reviews to help me find my way…so to speak. These reviews are often a blow by blow (no pun intended) description of amazing sex, and I often wondered if they are real. So please rest assurance this is a genuine review.
These reviews also, often don’t mention some of the nuanced logistics of arranging a time with an escort. i.e. making contact, organising and setting up a time to meet, negotiating interests, meeting for the first time, relaxing and being made comfortable. So before I tell you about my blow by blow encounter with Ms Black, can I first say that if you approach Vivienne with respect and professionalism, you will be treated the same. Contact with Vivienne was easy, quick and relaxed. All correspondence leading up to our meeting was professional and discreet.
On the day of our meeting, as things turned out we were both running a little late so we decided meet in a hotel bar. The venue Vivienne had chosen was classy and again discreet. When I first laid eyes on Vivienne walking though the bar my brain did backflips, she was stunning. I had ordered us some drinks so we sat and chatted. Vivienne was relaxed, funny and appeared genuinely engaged as we discussed a wide range of topics. Let me tell you… I could have stayed in that bar all afternoon with Vivienne, those couple of drinks were almost worth the price of admission alone. Eventually however, the topic of conversation turned to what each of us liked sexually and what the rest of the afternoon had in store for me. A few moments later I had to laugh at my predicament leaving the bar, as listening to Vivienne just talk about sex had made me hard.
Once upstairs what occurred was a rollicking roller coaster ride of sexual activity. I had booked a couple of hours with Vivienne, and although I was making every effort to remember each and every moment, I simply don’t know where the time went. From the first moment she sat me down, and let me drink wine from her lips she took me down a path of sexual ecstasy. Starting slow with lavish attention, tease and temptation she took me on a sexual journey that drove me crazy with excitement, on chairs, beds and in showers, with bubbles, costumes and toys. Multiple positons and experiences had my heart racing and my cock hard the entire time. All of which will have me coming back to more.
Finally, when I was leaving I left a personal item behind. At the time I was unaware I had forgot it. A day or so later Vivienne contacted to say she had held onto it, not trusting anyone other than herself to ensure discretion was maintained. I was very grateful for this simple action but it speaks volumes as to how Vivienne does business. In the end, we agreed she would hold onto it…as ransom so to speak. Since then I have been dreaming of the day I get to pick it up, and I get to see the truly beautiful Vivienne Black once more.
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