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Date published: October 5, 2019 at 2:48 pm
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Vivienne Black, you are fantastic!

I treasure our dates that we continue to have, you are a saint to put up with me.

Mentally, physically and emotionally, I am a happier man.

V you have been a solid support to me while I have been grieving the loss of my partner in the last few years.

Thank you!

Please do not let all my gushing paint an incorrect portrait of this horny woman.

The original, the one and only Vivi B!

V is a lot of fun. Be warned when taking her out for dinner dates, under your table will be hot. I nearly didn't make it to the main meal, let alone my dessert.

V is an under the table tease and sleaze.

This superstar wore a small vibrator toy insider her while we ate out in the town! I got to control it, and whenever the wait staff would approach, V would be coming in her skirt.

The way her body cums is sight to watch, feel and lick.

We start with Sipping cocktails and end up with her to her choking deeply on mine with a smile.

All day, all night. Only then will she let me sleep...

I am a PSE anal fanatic, and V has no hesitation in fitting me in her tight places.

Apparently, she has never found a cock she couldn't fit. I would believe that!

It saddened me to hear early this on this year that Vivienne was going on an extended leave soon possibly retiring next year.

She has advised me that she will still be catering to regular patrons-only while deciding if she returns to "front line" or not - in her words of course.

I am looking forward to our next double days for December dates. I plan to stuff my self in more ways than one with some holiday cheer.

If I am naughty enough then, I might be rewarded with the delightful tastes as all her playmates too.

Bree, Lana, Honey and Alana.

I promise to be very bad and see you all soon.

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