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Date published: August 3, 2018 at 8:25 am
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After a hectic week had passed with work almost getting the best if me . I thought i would unwind with a bit of naughty R & R.
Vivienne was in town . After setting up a date which i must say was painless and very easy .
Deposits paid. Everything was set .
I decided to begin with a dinner date followed by a couple of hrs of pse fun.
Dinner was amazing , relaxed fluid and care free .
Vivienne made me forget my hectic week of work relaxing me with witty banter and naughty innuendos . After desert ..the sweet kind that is . and a Pedro Ximenez to round off the dinner .
Vivienne began to whisper the desert menu i was really waiting for .
Making our way back to the room . I put my order in and after a little more banter and another overview of the menu . My world of hectic stress dissapeard.
After 4 hrs of what i can only call a 3 Michelin star debaucherous pse adventure i was left satisfied and quenched beyond words.
Vivienne was so amazing that no real words can articulate the experience we enjoyed..
Cant wait to make this a regular outing
Thanks. Viv. and see you very soon .
J x
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