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Date published: May 22, 2018 at 10:08 pm
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So my girlfriend Ami has long been a little bi-curious and I really wanted to choose the right lady to help us live out our threesome fantasy. After reading a wide range of escort profiles I finally settled on VIttoria Chloe. Vittoria's profile looked promising. Her pictures on her profile were simply stunning and my girlfriend was very excited by her image. Vittoria also stated on her site that she loved seeing women. So a booking was made and I took my nervous but excited girlfriend to Vittoria's apartment.

We rang the doorbell and when the door opened seeing Vittoria took my breath away. Before me was a blonde Italian goddess with the most beautiful figure that was almost totally revealed in her very sexy red underwear. Vittoria made us both feel very at home. She is a gifted conversationalist and has the gift of reading people and meeting their needs intuitively. I am sure that Vittoria can fit in well in almost any company.

Shortly afterwards we adjourned to the bedroom and here things got very steamy very quickly. Vittoria first massaged and then kissed Ami and soon Ami was taking deep breaths as Vittoria began to explore and tease her most private parts. Ami in turn overcame her shyness and in her heated state was soon kissing Vittoria's beautiful breasts quite passionately. Vittoria continued her magic with fingers and mouth and soon gave Ami a simply amazing orgasm. Ami was so turned on and Vittoria still had many more tricks to keep building up her peaks again and again that she was to have several more. I think what made her the most excited of all was seeing Vittoria and I going for it an a variety of wildly pleasurable positions. When we were spent we all hugged together and really enjoyed the feeling of warmth and soft skin and I enjoyed the amazing site of two beautiful women wrapped around each other right next to me.

If you are looking for a threesome or bisexual experience Vittoria is simply amazing and I can highly recommend her. We will certainly be going back but perhaps Vittoria should be banned like other habit forming addictions? Thanks again so much Vittoria from Ami and myself.
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