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Date published: July 16, 2017 at 1:03 pm
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I have seen Tash half a dozen times. Each appointment is a sensational experience. I had decided that I wanted my first experience to be with Tash and I am positive that I made a great decision.
I was honest with her that I didn't really know what to expect and she was so accommodating. She has a rare combination of a brilliant sensuality and worldliness with a truly positive and down to earth demeanour. Outstanding.
Physically, what stood out to me is her lips, they are so incredible to not only kiss but to simply watch while she spoke. That being said, Tash has been my first escort choice and she has not simply amazing breasts, but Tash is the full package: a fabulous physique and also incredibly engaging to converse with. Her breasts are amazing.
I thought to celebrate it with my all-time favourite Tash again for my birthday. It was always a guaranteed fun with Tash. As soon as I entered her room, we passionately hugged and DFKed, catching up with where we had left few months ago. Tash has the sweetest saliva. After a quick shower, I returned and resumed our play. Tash was very responsive to my love advance. Further down south, I enjoyed a DATY with my all time favourite cherry looking honey pot. Tash apparently enjoyed it too.
All the time Tash had joyful moans, encouraging her man to raise a notch.
The actual service itself was nothing short of outstanding, way more than I had anticipated and certainly far more sensual and caring than I could have hoped for. Our time together was filled with lots of passionate kissing, plenty of exploring of each other’s bodies and some cuddle time. She is certainly very talented with her tongue and has the sexiest look on her face and in her eyes as she first took me into her mouth.
She finished me off by riding to me a very explosive orgasm left me keen to visit again and again. Tash provides a fabulous experience for me and not just in bed. Simply talking to her about travelling music or any subject is amazing. Tash is most definitely a lady I can see myself spending more time with.
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