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Date published: March 5, 2016 at 5:06 pm
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I have seen Tash half a dozen times. Every time is a whole new sensational experience. On the week leading to my birthday, I thought to celebrate it with my all time favourite Tash again. Why not? It was always a guaranteed fun with Tash. Time was made well in advance. I texted her for incall address in the morning.

As soon as I entered her room, we passionately hugged and DFKed, catching up with where we had left last time two months ago. She had the sweetest saliva, I can assure you. After a quick shower, I returned and resumed our play. I lingered on her ample enhanced boobs as you may see on her Twitter. Tash was very responsive to my love advance. Further down south, I enjoyed a DATY with my all time favourite cherry looking honey pot. Tash apparently enjoyed it too. Golden shower was the highlight of the day after we rehearsed it on every previous encounter. If GS is your cup of tea, then Tash can deliver it spectacularly. If you are still developing this (usually more expensive) hobby, Tash can teach you. Tash was well prepared for me since early in the morning.

Morphed to the main course that included toys, mutual oral, G spot massage, rimming, different positions … we did everything that an erotic scene has to show. All the time Tash had joyful moans, encouraging her man to raise a notch. Both Tash and I cum hard, although not simultaneously. I was so pleased to see that she enjoyed herself completely. I try to be less graphic out of my respect to Tash, but the cardinal experience lingers in my mind forever.

After we came down from the summit, we had a relaxing afterglow chat. I would not have a shower but I had to face colleagues to share my birthday cake soon afterwards, so I did a thorough scrub. My grin lasted to my birthday singing and candle blowing time. People could see that I had a wonderful time, but naively thought that was because it was my birthday! Hey, you naughty man!

At the risk of being bankrupt, I am always ready to see Tash again.

Thanks Tash
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