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Date published: October 9, 2017 at 3:30 pm
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As a man in his thirties with Asperger’s, I have found it often very difficult express my sexuality without feeling afraid of ridicule and being discriminated, society often encourages men and women to seek perfection and look down on disabilities as faults and signs of imperfection, but with the help and kindness of wonderful sex workers such as Tallula, I have an opportunity to experience what it’s like to actually be with a woman in a sexual way and not face judgement or discrimination.
My meeting with Tallula was through a wonderful female double partner of hers. Through my meetings with her, she learned of a fear I had of people with tattoos because of an event in my life that sadly left a bad impression on me for many years. I had expressed that wanted to put my fear down for good and she suggested meeting Tallula and working with her. I was a tad nervous at first, but when I met Tallula face to face, I found her to be very charming, cute, kind and wonderful. I was met with sympathetic eyes and the face of an angel. Her body was very sexy and her tattoos added to the appeal.
It was an early Christmas present for me and what a sexy present it was! Two gorgeous beautiful women and I was their sole attention. I felt really happy that day.
I very much look forward to seeing Tallula again in the future and having some more lovely experiences and naughty fun with her.

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