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Date published: January 31, 2019 at 10:57 pm
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“It is not sex that gives the pleasure but the lover” ~ Marge Piercy

Let us be clear, the mere fact that you are reading this, is a testament to a desire that exceeds the ordinary.

Sydney is extraordinary indeed. A woman of intellect and quite staggering physical appearance. Fear not, when you do finally get to see her face, it will not disappoint. It is the final piece in a beautiful puzzle.

Her appreciation of discretion is second to none, an art of her craft that she takes deeply seriously with a combination of being on-time and dressed as any other traveling business woman. Furthermore, she is serious about the experience that one may desire. She takes care of the details that make all the difference; a delicate perfume, a range of elegant lingerie and camisoles, and if one chooses her naughtier experience, a few sleek toys find their way into the tangle.

A more professional booking experience one could not hope to imagine, with discreet payment options sure to provide suitable disguise. I saw her in a 5-star hotel in-call on one of her tours and found myself in an executive, well-appointed suite with classical music gently filling the room. A beautiful woman in a very well chosen beautiful room.

The time with Sydney? Well, that’s something that stays between us, but suffice to say, she is a skilled practitioner and I left with lingering memories of fantasies fulfilled. She paced our time together so that not a single moment was wasted.

If you are looking for an elite experience, look no further than Ms Sydney.
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