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Date published: June 23, 2017 at 9:44 am
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I've had this on again off again rendezvous with Summer Knight for months. Circumstances have foiled our assignation, serious ones at that, on a number of occasions. We had one night in Melbourne where our schedules matched. I had planned an overnighter but again my schedule intervened however no matter what I was going to see Summer. I managed to find a couple of hours and so after months of reading and drooling over her profile the time had come!

I arrived at the hotel in Melbourne and texted Summer. A little confusion followed on where to actually meet her and I noticed this gorgeous blonde in a beautiful or as the song goes 'a long cool jacket' walk out of the lift. I called Summer and BANG finally we met. Took the lift up to the room and after she closed the door behind me she took off her jacket to reveal her incredible body covered only by the sexiest lingerie imaginable. Something was well and truly stirring south of my border.

I'd done my homework and brought a nice bottle of wine which I opened and we toasted the end of this marathon build up. Was it going to live up to my expectations I was also mindful of trying to discover the real Summer Knight. Scarlett Blue girls are true courtesans in they provide the full experience at least the good ones do. We chatted like we'd known each other for years. Some of you may not think this important but I do. Summer stimulated my mind as much as my body. There was a real connection particularly as our political views were so much in sync. Ok I know what you want to know, so I've probably bored some of you to tears but I have to say if you don't want this sort of in depth date with an escort then stick to Backpage. Scarlett Blue is not for you.

So to the nitty gritty. Summer undressed me and I her and we moved to the bed. DFK like we were in the middle of the dance floor in a London disco. Her wonderful feminine curves and amazing breasts make her a true sex kitten. She has a Bardot like half knowing smile that is worthy of Ulysses 'Sirens. By now I was erect and hard. Summer has won awards for her blowjobs. Now every girl you know and I know both professional and amateur says they give good head, some say great head. Many claim to be the best blow job you will ever have. Many men claim to have had that. Well if you haven't had the privilege of your appendage suckled, nurtured, stroked, tongue-tantalised, lip embossed and finally enveloped by Summer's magnificent mouth, then let me tell you You haven't had the best blow job ever. Because I truly have. Summer was able to harmonically control my throbbing cock which threatened to burst forth on several occasions. When she was good and ready, she released my valve and my juices flowed into her mouth and down her throat. I honestly felt total satisfaction, tension relief, relaxation on an orgasmic level and privileged to be afforded that honour.

After a little break for more chat and a glass of wine Summer gave me a lovely massage and we were ready to go for the coup de grace. I was feeling a little lazy but also wanted to be able to see Summer's face throughout our fucking session so I asked if she could get on top. She did. My cock slipped into her tight warm pussy like a glove. Despite our political views I had to start thinking of Margaret Thatcher so as not to embarrass myself with an early exit such is her sexiness. I closed my eyes and could feel her vaginal muscles contract and contort against my hard at work lucky cock. She pulled out a little toy halfway through our fucking to raise the bar to another level. A slight choke and a playful slap across my face (I love that shit) and she was ready to release my juices again, this time with the tacit approval of her flawless pussy.I would need Summer to verify this but I believed we achieved ecstasy simultaneously. We lay back on the bed and thought of England, well I thought of the English rose lying next to me.

And how my next booking will be the overnight one I've been planning. Two hours of Summer is like a sneak peek. I can't wait for the main feature. She truly is a rarity. Honest, forthright, caring, intelligent- oh and did I mention SO FUCKING SEXY!!! You wish it was an endless Summer.
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