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Date published: March 11, 2019 at 8:57 pm
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I saw Sienna back in early February, and have taken the past month or so to try and do justice to how great the interaction was.

I had never initiated something like this, and eventually bit the bullet and scheduled a time with Sienna (best decision). I was quite nervous, and actually ended up being pretty late... However, Sienna was so accomodating, understanding and even though I was super late and felt like I'd wasted her time, as soon as she opened the door I was immediately comforted by her lovely smile and easy going nature.

Even though I have very minimal experience, my time with Sienna made me feel as though I was in the highest quality production possible. She has a great nature, calm demeanour, and was so reassuring and fun (I had to stop intermittently, pinch myself and check that I wasn't dreaming).

If you're considering seeing anybody from Scarlet Blue, you just can't go past Sienna- if you were like me and are worried about the rates, or if it's your first time organising something like this- you won't have any regrets other than that you hadn't organised to see Sienna sooner.
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