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Date published: April 1, 2018 at 9:25 pm
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This beautiful girl is my new favourite lady. She was a total surprise, she left nothing at home and truly took me to another place. There was several firsts (which trust me almost never happens these days). I found, if you enjoy Selene for who she is she truly enjoys herself and will give you an experience like no other. Have a look at the photos, and it goes without saying, she is as hot as you imagine. The photos almost don't do here justice, but if you imagine a naughty Brazilian/ Italian minx with the sexiest accent, and moves to die for, you'll be on the money. She's partly Austalianised, so no language barrier at all, but not so much that she has too much attitude. She has just enough to take control at crucial moments. Selene is the most attractive, sexiest, beautiful chick I have met in I don't know how long. She smashed the others by a country mile in all stakes. Don't think about booking her too often cause I intend to be a regular ;-) but I gaurantee you won't be disappointed unless of course you try to take advantage of her good nature, in which case she jui jitsu your arse out the door....there's something hot about that too....I love a capable girl. Selene gets 5 stars from me all day. X
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