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Date published: February 5, 2018 at 2:09 pm
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Never ever in my life I have done what I did with Scarlett, third night in a row having the immense privilege and enormous pleasure of enjoying 3 hours of her unbelievable PSE service again. I must admit it was physically challenging, but I was so glad to be someone that takes care of my fitness and keep on active exercising; otherwise I would have easily passed away directly into paradise (or hell hehe) on this super hot steamy night… specially after all the indescribable things we did and enjoyed. I have mentioned earlier that a new vocabulary has to be invented to describe what I've lived every time I see Scarlett, and I confirmed this once more... because there are simply no words to express the wonderful, amazing, unforgettable, funny, sexy, sensual and passionate experience this real living goddess and I enjoyed during the time we spent together. It has been completely out of this world since the very first second she arrived… the most stunning and sexy black tight dress which was embracing all her curves that drive me crazy (in a good way :) of course)… her gorgeous perfect face with her beautiful sexy smile and flawless hair; loved her make up so much that I could not look anywhere else too… those piercingly beautiful eyes are my weakness… but when she came out of the bathroom…. OMFG!!!… I didn’t know if I was dreaming or what was happening… suddenly I was in the presence of a unique super sexy goddess like you see on the movies… but this was in real life and human flesh… it was so magical that I could not believe it at all!… She knows I keep attention to every single detail, and she was dressed with the most wonderful red lingerie I have ever seen in my life…. Full of delicate details everywhere I looked at… On top of this you put the most incredibly amazing curvy body on earth and basically it was inevitable for me not to get lost into her vast hypnotising universe again… There were many exclusive moments in our wonderful time together that were extremely special, I could say that all of them were really breath-taking and simply incredible. She is undeniably the sexiest woman I’ve ever met. Everything is perfect with her presence, and I would continue exploring her wondrous universe again and again in near future... See you soon and my infinite gratitude again for the great unforgettable experience and the sensational quality time together these 3 nights babe!
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