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Date published: May 31, 2016 at 1:56 pm
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After meeting and playing with Scarlett I am honestly hesitant to pen this review. Not for anything deleterious. More to the point that I don't want to share her now that I've found her. She is gorgeous, beautiful, erotic, sexy and delightful. A body that is unbelievable. Breasts that are beyond compare. A wicked sense of humor and even more wicked sense of sexual adventure. Her oral abilities are exceptional. Her appreciation of oral on her is an understatement. Our intertwined liaison was all to brief. We certainly connected not just physically and sexually but intellectually. At times it was almost like we were inside each others minds. Treat her nicely, but then also treat her with passion. She reciprocates ten fold. I am a more mature gentleman. Not some young pup who simply wants to get in, get off and get out. Scarlett appreciates that type of man. Show her respect and she will show you all she has and is. She is easy to communicate with and unlike many other ladies, doesn't mind some sexy texts back and forth. Albeit she does have another life, so obviously take that into consideration. Scarlett epitomizes everything about what a sexy young lady should be. Playful, honest, erotic, sexy and most importantly she demands to be pleasured. I will certainly be back.

BB May 2016
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