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Date published: November 3, 2019 at 10:46 pm
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Recently deciding that after six months it was time for another adventure, and having been attracted to Scarlett’s profile on Scarlet Blue, we contacted her with a request for the opportunity to meet with her. A few text messages backwards and forwards, then a phone call with both of us to gain insight into our requirements, all arrangements were in place for our first Wilde adventure.

Following Scarlett’s instructions and arriving in the vicinity of her incall at the appointed time, Scarlett was waiting and ensured we found the gate for the walkway to her “boudoir “in a very unique and stylistic manner. Once inside Scarlett took time to soothe our nerves before we briefly freshened up, after which were quickly encouraged to discard our clothes.

At first we were worried that Scarlett would find us too boring and vanilla (hint - for the faint hearted don’t ask to see behind the curtain), but we allowed ourselves to be prompted and guided by her, resulting in what we would indeed call a Wilde experience. Scarlett was totally engaged and involved with us both, fully and unreservedly. At no time did either of us feel left out or excluded from the activities taking place, whether it be one of us participating with Scarlett, or the three of us all being entwined on the bed in moments of pure delight and ecstasy. Scarlett’s oral skills on both of us were exceptional resulting in multiple orgasms for N during our time together.

It was clear to us both that Scarlett wanted to ensure when we left her that we were completely satisfied, and in P’s case, spent. Multiple orgasms for us both (we can’t speak for Scarlett), great company, conversation and with energy that doesn’t stop Scarlett provided an experience that far exceeded our expectations and left us smiling all night as we enjoyed a late, but quiet dinner at our favourite local restaurant.

Thank you Scarlet Blue for another perfect encounter with one of your advertisers with us.

Thank you Scarlett B Wilde for an experience that has broadened our journey, and from which we look forward to possible further adventures with you.

P and N xx
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