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Date published: May 26, 2018 at 5:21 pm
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With a plethora of amazing and sensuous women to peruse online, the photos and videos posted by Queenie Pearl caught my attention.

Queenie’s response to my online enquiry was prompt and very encouraging and we arranged my first opportunity to connect with this very sensuous woman during her May ‘18 tour to Melbourne.

My first glimpse of this vixen stirred my emotions and initially I was transfixed on the spot, but her smile and beckoning brought me to her side where I could smell her subtle fragrance as we engaged in a very sensuous kiss.

Queenie then proceeded to slowly undress me and I needed little prompting to get completely naked for a quick shower.

The rest of my booking passed far too quickly, as we gained a very thorough understanding of each other’s sensitivities.

Queenie’s oral skills encouraged me to reciprocate the stimulus and caress, and she coached and guided me to provide her with the pleasure she was only too willing to share.

The passion, intensity and eroticism continued to build as we explored mutual needs which was extremely satisfying and for a woman with a diminutive build she coped admirably with my length, stamina and enthusiasm.

I am looking forward to the next opportunity to share her wanton, relaxed ambience when she next tours to Melbourne.
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