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Date published: September 24, 2017 at 12:28 pm
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.... There is something to be said for the feeling of anticipation you have while blasting down the highway on the way to a rendezvous with your favourite favourite courtesan in the big city.
That feeling has been building for a few days since the arrangements were made. She is fun, gorgeous, sexy and half your age. And you know she is waiting just for you. Savour it...
You know she will treat you like a King. She is your Queenie Pearl. At least for the next few exquisite hours.

This was only my second encounter with Ms Q and my first had been some time ago. She greeted me like an old friend and I felt at home straight away.
I couldn't take my eyes off her. Or my hands. But told her to get relaxed and ready while I raced off for a quick shower.

I told her how gorgeous she was in her sexy flight attendants uniform and asked if I could take her picture. She agreed and gave me her phone. I clicked off some pics while she moved and posed and teased me. The look Ms Q gave me as she revealed that she was wearing no panties under that tight little blue skirt had me knowing I had made the right decision to visit again. Following her around and admiring her I decided I would be completely satisfied if we just did that for the entire afternoon.

I apologised to her for how nervous I had been on my previous visit. She understood me completely and reassured me. She told me she was feeling a little overweight after eating too much on a recent holiday break. But that certainly wasn't the case and if anything I liked her even more with a coupe of extra pounds. I reassured her she was still gorgeous and she joked that was because her small firm breasts were a little bigger. Breast size large or small has never been a 'thing' for me. For me it's about the nipples and hers seem to be permanently standing to attention. My favourite kind. Did I mention that later... Well you understand. We relaxed and chatted over a glass of wine and some strawberries. I could tell there would be a lot less awkwardness on my part on this occasion.

Soon we were kissing and fondling and caressing on the couch. Feeding each other. Offering up sips of wine to one another. Back to more kissing and play and discussion of what we liked and what we would do to each other. And so on. Back and forth. I was soon getting reacquainted with all those delicious curves, smells, tastes and sounds that Ms Q had mesmerised me with those weeks before. Her response to my increasing passion was more of her own. This Queen was indeed making me feel like a King.

This would be a true GFE like no other. We continued on like this, exploring and exciting each other. We enjoyed the tastes of wine and strawberry and one another as they merged into an unforgettable ecstasy which I will never forget. I kept passing her the phone to unlock from time to time for me to take more pictures. I can't wait to see them. Maybe she will share a few edited pics with us on here. Ms Q seemed to enjoy this and her increasing round of passion and release drove me wilder and wilder. I do not know how long this went on for but I loved it. Forget the sex just give foreplay like this for days.

I was more than happy for this to continue for the duration but Ms Q suggested we should finally adjourn to the bedroom. I gladly followed.
Needless to say, I am a willing and loyal subject of the Queen. This visit will not be my last. And I will never look at and eat strawberries in quite the same way again.
I think I'll be buying a fresh punnet when I next go to visit. And perhaps some other fruits. That will be sooner than last time, I have no doubt.

If you want to spoil yourself in a royal fashion, go see Ms Queenie Pearl. Even if it's just for an hour.
If you've been saving it all up and thinking about it for a while, just do it and make that booking now.
You are worth it. And let me reassure you, so is she.
You will not be disappointed - I personally guarantee it.

But treat her well and with great respect. Or you will have me to answer to.

Thank you so much again Ms Q
Until you make me your King again...
Vivo Miles xox
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