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Date published: October 30, 2016 at 8:42 pm
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Well this was my third visit with the beautiful Pearl. My previous encounters were in Melbourne. This time I had the opportunity to meet Pearl at her apartment in Brisbane.

I knock on the door and it opens and all I can see is a hand with finger nail polish.
I step into the room and the door closes to unveil a vision dressed as a Air Hostess. Oh my god she looks hot. She begins rubbing up against me and we begin deep kissing. I have a shower while she sits outside teasing me and playing with herself. She then reveals that she is wearing super sexy lingerie underneath.

We move into the bedroom where we continue to play. Pearl then suggests we try something different. She ties me up and then proceeds to tease me. Then another suggestion how about we get out a little toy. Mmmmm what's going on here ?

Well this is a new one for me. I won't give details but apparently it's in the new fantasy package. Holy crap it's hot and highly recommend. But at Pearls discretion.

Anyway once again I leave very happy and still addicted.

Please come back to Melbourne
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