testimonials for Queenie Pearl

Date published: October 2, 2016 at 10:05 am
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Yes, suppose I can be accused, addict , I'm the Q.P.. addict , She's my hit.
Dropped a text and avalibility serch , time and place fixed and all good as we do go back a fair while, a no nonsense girl
On time at the wall and as well worn path to the lift no instructions needed
Tap the door and followed by the sound if high heels .The door swings open and no one to be seen , U step into the room and in anticipation right face to see Q.P.in the red garment , as stunning as ever , " have u seen this one before" but commented that it had not lost any of its lustor in fact looked better than ever as not a shred of boredom ever surrounds her.With long black hair cascading down her shoulders and high heels enhancing her Stature the vision of beauty absolutely perfect.
But today a different Queenie; something like when we first met. A new awareness of each other more so from her side as she came forwaRd with the gentlest kiss hello.
This stopped me in my tracks, something different was afoot today this 30/09/16.,the start of something new, mysterious , new and exciting.
Took my hand , new warmth, led to the shower.Sitting on the bed she patted the duna with that wanton come here look of this is where I want u.
We usually converse during the fun encounter but today she placed her finger on her lips " those blood red can't kiss off lipstick lips" ...." no talking today" she said and I mumbled the words to myself half not believing ." It's my day " with a million dollar smile head thrown back and hair trading down her back.
This was Queenie slow soft and super gentle , ropes in place, that's new , and at her mercy saw her eyes roll back as she placed her hands on my chest and started a sensual rocking motion which I thought would never end.But we still conversed in whispers and she came down as to kiss my face but rather to suck the buttons she'd had between her fingers.Finished with that the softest kiss, no lipstick loss there, but her eyes telling a thousand tales staring down at me intense urgent but measured perfectly holding me in a balance
One arm free , which she quickly pounced on hand on chest to retrieve the rope with the other then full face pinning me down to knot the rope properly again
She was as if on fire slowly consuming every part of me never done before then rhrew her head back in anticipation of that reach to touch the sky .As if well rehearsd the correct words came to the fore and her response she collapsed on to me shuddering with the most passionate kiss since knowing her.
Her hands , such beauty , long slender fingers of a violent filling my roped hands with a desperate clinging , gasping for air , me totally helpless feeling her heart pounding on me and all I could do was lift my hips as high as possible
She is so magnificent in the afterglow , her radiance fills the room and a very deep softness in her eyes envelopes u .The tigress has had the kill and on flows total satisfaction .
" I won't be a moment " and she disappeared to come with moist cloth , still tied at her mercy gently with tenderness took care of me .
Untied , a new level of understanding of mutual pleasure and respect then the cuddle and body wrap around and to converse about what was on our minds,.time to leave , a new awakening in the parting and here all facts not divulged of our time together but assurances of continued meetings.Some texts with valued content and new awareness , only the best to look forward to some real substance.from this wonderful woman

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