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Date published: September 15, 2016 at 11:56 pm
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It was a long trip down , some 6 hours and some business to attend to so a motel .
She sent a text as to the following morning, all agreed 9 am , with the hussle and bussle of the city in full swing , it's possible to go up some levels in pure silence and meet this beautiful women and share time of mutual enjoyment while the city madness rules supreme just out there in the car park.
Slight tap on the door and only the red finger nails showed holding the door ajar.
Quite the most beautiful garment I'd ever seen her in , breathtaking , also red.with exquisite design
Warm hug and greeting , led off by the hand , there's always something so special about how yr treated.Personal care and attention as garments shedded, a princess always
Shared affection , a glass of water , the signature warm moist cloth to complete the occasion
Always love the look in her eyes and the shudder às she radiates this warm light as the heart bear slows to normal after such intense encouragement from her
Sitting cross-legged chatting , she poped up for more water ,then time to return to the pulse of the city and leave serenity behind
So completed the mentioned" to be continued experience," with other details left to yr imagination if u know Q.P. then u can add them

Long drive home but with memory fresh in the mind the miles slipped away happily
Till next time as promised Q.P

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