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Date published: July 19, 2016 at 10:10 pm
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I have been lucky to see this perfect Angel, Queenie Pearl, on a few occasions and each time has been better than the last.

From the warm and friendly texts to arrange our time together to the way she can instantly put a person at ease with her smile, Queenie is a very special person.

It is extremely easy to spend time with this warm and vivacious young lady. Queenie is kind and patient, gentle and attentive. Nothing seems to be too much trouble for her to enhance the experience and it means that any time you spend with her you feel as if you the only person on her mind and the time just sails past, but it never seems to be a problem as Queenie does not worry about the clock.

She looks up at you with those big eyes and slowly comes up and gives you an unbelievable kiss. Soft and slow and oh so sexy. And it quickly becomes passionate and you fall into bliss.

Queenie has an unbelievable body and will always wear very sexy outfits that allow you to fully appreciate how sexy this little kitten can be.

The time in the bedroom goes from one moment of pleasure to the next. Queenie is very attentive to erotically arousing you and there does not seem to be a rush and responds eagerly whenever an effort is made. There is always a hint of how much of a tiger lies within this little petite kitten.

I cannot always perform as well as I would hope, but that does not seem to be a problem with Queenie. There is no judgement and no ridicule, only another suggestion and further effort to help me come to climax. If there is any performance anxiety Queenie is the lady for you.

If Queenie ever offers you a massage please do yourself a favour and take her offer up, you will not be disappointed.

Queenie, is self-effacing and is always generous in her praise. She cares and this is so much more than simply a job for her. Queenie truly gains fulfilment and pleasure from giving that to others.

If you treat her well, are polite and curteous, your time with Queenie will be special I have no doubt. And Queenie is eager to learn what you like and each time you can spend time with her the more she can tailor your time together. If you can be honest and share your secrets you will not be left flat or disappointed, only that much closer to bliss.

Do yourself a favour and sample this priceless pearl. I will certainly be doing so at my earliest possible opportunity.

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