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Date published: February 9, 2020 at 7:47 pm
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My seventh booking with this gorgeous, sensual young woman followed a similar pattern to my previous bookings, with sensory overload, stimulation beyond my imagination and her active participation in my energy and stamina to the point of teasing me mercilessly.

For this booking I did not request in advance for Queenie to wear anything specific to stimulate my desire for her, as the level of my pheromones was ramping off scale simply through my imagination running riot remembering our past couplings.

Queenie loves dressing up as a way of expressing her sexuality and she did not disappoint again on this occasion. In a public environment she would surely get arrested for indecent exposure. I think the beaming smile on my lips and the expletives from my mouth were a loud signal of my acceptance of her efforts this time also.

Queenie knows me all too well for my impatience to divest her of her attire and expose her velvet smooth skin, and helping her with the zip of her skimpy outfit added to my arousal, especially with her Chanel perfume filling my nostrils.

Queenie suggested I should quickly shower so we could initiate some intimate playfulness, but I could not resist an opportunity to help Queenie find a comfortable position on a conveniently located couch, with her feet resting on my shoulders.

Thankfully her previous mentoring had taught me how to help her relax, and the subsequent moaning and expletives from her mouth and the focussed concentration in her eyes confirmed I was ticking all of her boxes.

After some time she insisted I shower so we could both get a lot more physical together, and with delight she led me into the bathroom and joined me in the shower.

I have seldom been soaped up and washed completely and the visual results of her fingertips, hands and mouth were extremely obvious. My roaming hands explored every crease and fold in her skin and more, and the proximity of our naked bodies was extremely stimulating.

With a teasing comment she suggested I step out of the shower and dry myself off, so things could get even hotter in the bedroom, and I was transfixed watching her finish her shower.

The rest of my booking defies description as we made full use of the full size of the bed and the sensitivity of each other’s erogenous zones. Queenie’s enjoyment of my stimulation was evident as she climaxed repeatedly with our positional experimentation, my teasing, gentle touch and her own straying fingers during our vigorous coupling.

My finish was as erotic as my past bookings, followed by a shower with Queenie flaunting her nudity with a lustful grin of what we had just shared.
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