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Date published: December 17, 2019 at 5:17 pm
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My sixth booking with Queenie during her December 2019 tour of Melbourne got off to an inauspicious start when I failed to accurately read Queenie’s rendezvous request, so I was waiting expectantly on the wrong level of the same hotel.

The frosty glare that greeted me when I urgently discovered her location was not the start to my booking that I had hoped for, and the subsequent admonishment when we were alone together was certainly deserved due to my inept clumsiness. My apologies for her embarrassment seemed to do little to ease the overwhelming feeling of being a naughty scolded schoolboy and I knew I had to be on my best behaviour and shelve my normal cheeky approach.

Taking her in my arms helped to calm the situation and soon our normal sexual chemistry that we had shared in our previous energetic bookings began to ooze into prominence, as I eased her out of the extremely short length white dress she was wearing, and removed the matching lingerie that revealed her hardened, coloured nipples and the arousal between her inner thighs.

Enthusiastically sharing my indulgence, Queenie eventually suggested I shower to encourage a heightened level of intimacy between us and allow her more active participation.

As much as my instincts craved her willingness to devour me completely, I threw caution to the wind to pursue my passion to arouse her even more, and guided her to an oversized bed to continue my exploration of her erogenous zones.

Fortunately Queenie’s acquiescence of my gentle, sensual approach enabled her to recline on the bed completely relaxed to adsorb all that was on offer, with her only involvement limited to guiding my focus with her outstretched hands grasping my hair, and thrusting her gyrating hips.

As I extended my arousal Queenie repeated her suggestion for me to shower so she could reciprocate the intimacy, but I cheekily continued to tease and titillate her and share her bodily convulsions as she climaxed repetitively with my stimulation.

Queenie subsequently became more insistent with her instructions for me to shower so with a tender kiss I did as I was told.

The remainder of the booking was extremely frenetic, and Queenie initially demonstrated her oral expertise as I enjoyed an opportunity to catch my breath and become engrossed in the stimulation I was receiving.

She willingly succumbed to my request for me to provide a far more energetic input, by incorporating various positions of our entwined bodies to allow her to focus on her own state of arousal.

Towards the end of the booking Queenie declared she had enjoyed more than sufficient stimulation, with her teasing anecdotes providing the impetus to encourage me to exhaust my energy reserves as she surprisingly climaxed twice more.

Cheekily, with a beautiful smile pursed on her lips and in her eyes, she proposed to bring about a fait accompli to my own pleasure, by drawing back the room curtains to expose our naked torsos in full view to the nearby building and the pedestrian traffic below.

I was so engrossed in being pleasured that it was only after the event that I realised Queenie would have been hidden from view of any casual onlookers as I was the only one standing, but it mattered little.

I was extremely grateful to have been both the provider and beneficiary of the sensual overload in yet another erotic session, and hopefully Queenie’s 2020 touring plans will allow another opportunity for us to connect very intimately.
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