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Date published: July 19, 2019 at 5:23 pm
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I have been very fortunate to share very intimate moments with Queenie every 2 months or so when she visits Melbourne.

My booking in July was my fourth this year and my fifth in total since I overcame my trepidation and reached out to her late in 2018.

The sexual chemistry we have established is unparalleled with her intimate knowledge of what we can share, her erotic story telling as our eyes connect, her ability to maintain our intensity for the booking duration and her guttural moans as she envelopes herself in my dedication to arouse her.

There is never any hesitation, always a natural flow of touch, taste, movement and sensuality, as she teases, mentors, demands and satisfies both herself and myself.

It is a challenge to maintain decorum in a public situation when her eyes lock on mine as we initially connect, and the wanton smile that crosses her lips beckons me forward to yet another erotic adventure.

You are my very special temptress Queenie and I am indebted to your willingness to share your time with me.

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