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Date published: July 19, 2019 at 5:21 pm
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The first time I saw Queenie Pearl was in early 2016, the last (… no, definitely not the last), the most recent was last night. In the intervening three and a bit years I have enjoyed time with Queenie on many occasions, I have experienced many firsts but she always leaves me wanting more. It would be natural to think repetition dulls the experience but last night was incredible and ranks up there with the best sex I can recall. I find it difficult to express what makes sweet Queenie so unique but will share some favourite moments of recollection in an attempt to capture her allure.

As I take the lift up to her apartment, my chest tightens and breath catches in my throat. Like a teenager on a hot date, anticipation and expectation mingle with nerves to bring the moment exquisitely alive.

She straddles me on the couch, we are both fully clothed, my lips brush hers, her tongue slides between my lips, delicately drawing the kiss deeper, she sighs into my mouth, I’m lost in her taste and scent. Her hands slide under my shirt, mine dip between her thighs, the silky feel of her panties enhancing my touch, my fingers coaxing moist heat as they play. She moves slowly, her lithe body sensuous and sexy against mine.

My feet brace against the sides of the shower cubicle as I bend my knees, hot water cascading over us as she engulfs me in the slippery heat of her mouth, her tongue runs down the underside of my cock, over my balls, my knees go week as she rims me. The sensations are unbelievable, desperately I clamp down as she starts to deep throat me, I can’t cum yet, we haven’t even made it to the bedroom.

Lying on my back, blindfolded, spreadeagled and tied to the bed, I arch up as a trail made of drips of hot wax moves inexorably down my chest and belly. My gasps are muffled by her pussy covering my nose and mouth, she laughs and eases slightly onto her knees to allow me to breathe before wriggling her hips to better position her clit, my tongue sliding inside her as far as I can reach. Breathing becomes unimportant, I willingly drown in her, slickly wet she tastes of salt, sex and desire, the dripping wax generating moments of sharp heat that is pain/not pain, a crazy counterpoint to the pussy-boarding she is subjecting me to.

Her slim, elegant legs accentuated by 8” heels raising her to the perfect height, she reaches up, leaning her arms against the full length mirror while arching her back to push her perfect bottom towards me. She grins at my reflection, then closes her eyes, moaning softly as I angle myself to slide up into her. She is so tight, I pull her body back against mine and we move together in a slow rhythm, a dance as old as time.

Every muscle braced, I strain against myself on the brink of orgasm… a moment more and nothing will stop it… No – she backs off, the urgent movement of her hand transforming into a loving caress, she gently draws one of my balls into her mouth, the vibrator up against my prostate holds me just shy of the brink, requiring only the slightest increase in intensity on her part to have me sliding over again. This is now the second time that night and she has been edging for what feels like forever – I desperately need her to finish me but never want it to end…

Exhausted, totally sated and extremely satisfied I’m enjoying her cuddled against me, warm and soft, her lips gently brushing my neck. She gets up and, with her back to me, reaches both arms up and raises onto her toes to stretch. Her long beautiful legs lead my eyes to a glimpse of her pussy lips, backlit by the window and framed by her thighs. The flawless curve of her pert bottom flows through a tiny waist, she turns a little to expose a perfectly shaped breast. In that moment she is exquisite and, despite my being barely able to move, I feel my breath quicken… Queenie Pearl, arousal incarnate.
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