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Date published: April 14, 2019 at 10:12 pm
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I've seen QP on many occasions now and every visit is as good as the last. Communication is always easy to organize a booking, friendly yet professional from start to finish. Anyone that hasn't seen her before, fear not, she looks just like her pics and judging by the number of reviews and testimonials here and on other sites if you can't make an informed decision on seeing her you should just give up now.

The booking itself is an absolute treat and every time I visit she always brings in something that's a little different. No two bookings are the same which is great, and a nice way to spice things up a little. The lead up to the massage was great, I've never used a coffee table like that before. The massage is whatever you want it to be and on the flip was fantastic. I was blindfolded for some of it but I still know some very good things were happening to me :)

I wouldn't hesitate, check that, I won't hesitate to see QP again in the future and anyone that has had the pleasure of seeing her knows why.
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