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Date published: January 26, 2019 at 3:46 pm
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I was delighted to realise Queenie’s tour to Melbourne in January 2019 enabled me to reconnect on the Thursday before the Australia Day weekend celebrations when I was also in town and able to unexpectedly have time for self indulgence.

Queenie’s recollection of my 2018 visit and subsequent correspondence enabled me to set up a hassle free booking for some afternoon delight, that suited perfectly the couple of solo hours I had available.

I was already partially aroused when our eyes locked as I opened the door, and a passionate kiss and her wandering hands brought a murmur to her lips, a gleam to her eyes and mutual acknowledgement I should shower first.

On returning to the bedroom Queenie was still clothed in her delicate lingerie, and acknowledging my need to get up close and personal she opted to sensually strip as my eyes locked with hers.

Subconsciously my hand strayed and I was immediately admonished by Queenie for pleasuring myself, and she scolded me for temporarily denying her all of the pleasure, but willingly offered me a much more sensuous and wet alternative on which to focus my attention.

The next part of the booking was an endless tuition and instructive opportunity to learn the stimuli Queenie needed, and watching her with eyes clenched shut, expletives and moans oozing from her lips and the rigour in her body spasms was a huge turn on, as was her willingness to relax and trust my intent.

Ultimately she was a willing participant for my MSOG, all within her capacity to adsorb my stamina as we explored different positions on and off the bed.

The last few minutes of my time with her were spent in a post coital embrace as we discussed travel destinations, food and wine, and Queenie offered more of an insight into her persona.

Thank you Queenie for your acceptance of my libido, willingness to experiment with your skills to pleasure me endlessly, and to allow me to expend all of my energy by the end of the booking.

Your cheeky departing SMS brought yet another huge smile on my face and I will keep a close eye out for your next advertised tour dates to Melbourne.
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