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Date published: January 11, 2019 at 10:06 am
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It's been month since I last saw Queenie since my birthday date with her and it's now 2019 a new year with more date to have with Queenie. After such a long time I couldn't stop thinking and missing my Queen and finally after saving I was able to see her. I messaged her booking in my date and as a reply she was happy to book with me and wish me a Happy New Year and all the best and I knew this New Year would be a spectacular one with her. It was the day before the date and I was so excited that I had trouble sleeping but I managed, and then finally the day of the date came where I could finally see my Queen. I arrived at her place to be welcomed by her perfect smile and a soft kiss that I've been missing as she wrapped her arms around me, she asked me what I would like to see her wear and it was a tough decision but I eventually decided I wanted to see Queenie as a naughty bunny girl in pink with her ears, sexy shoes and fishnet stockings. Before that though we decided to have a hot shower together and I couldn't stop staring at her incredible body and couldn't stop touching her all over. When the shower finished I dried off and went to the bedroom and waited in anticipation to see Bunny Girl Queenie, when she did enter I couldn't look away, my mind went blank at how sexy she looked. She came over and we started getting into having some fun, to cool off a bit from the heat we had some Ice cream together and had it in the most interesting and naughty of ways before we got back into the more intense part of our session together. After everything we started catching up with how our life has been since our last dating asking how our Christmas and New Years went I couldn't stop smiling the whole time but as always the date had to come to an end, I wash of and get ready to leave before I headed out the door as always I gave her a goodbye kiss and one my way home I sent her a message thanking her for everything and that I can't wait for the rest of the year to come. First date of the year we Queenie definitely started off with and intense bang and I hope for more date like that throughout this year and I hope that 2019 will be an amazing year for both of us.
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