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Date published: December 19, 2018 at 12:31 pm
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Well to visit Brisbane and not see Queenie is lunacy , like finding the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow and about turn and walking away
Tiny white top briefs even tinier , a hug and gentle brush across the lips kiss, set our mood for the night..It would be a slow gentle night full.of tenderness touched here and. There with outbursts of delicious passion.Hand in hand to the shower, clothes neatly.stowed she hopoped in as well
Body lotion and body on body fragrance we stepped into the room, fresh cleansed and eager.
This was a different. Queenie., feather kisses sensual touch , fingers. Tracing random patterns on my.body, Tried to.increase the tempo, she responded but again went to the deeply sensual mode.,With verbal guidence and gentle physical placing I was allowed to see new and hidden secrets she had thus far never revealed and was treated to depths of feelings never before explored.All.boundries down the guidence continued, what I had wanted to know for so long like a gift pack sudden thrust on .me with all instructions explore! !!!!!
She drew the line 6 times and with such resilience almost exhausted still.delivered.the greatest prise of all, looking up at me I saw a new.color in those beautiful eyes as all.movement of both stopped and I felt the contraction, I responded and she acknowledged and so we persisted letting the mood and and urgency of the moments thrust us along .
She is such an exceptional beauty after wards radiant and basking in the aftershock, something to behold , warm submissive gentle applying body lotion and drying me off as down to earth as life long friends sat on the massage table legs drawn up" arent u going to kiss us ?"almost forgot
Till next time then. . ..... Asteroiď
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