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Date published: November 2, 2018 at 9:00 am
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It's been almost 2 months since I've last seen Queenie each day missing her beautiful smile and incredibly soft touch more and more, due to some complications I couldn't see her for a while and it was upsetting but after all this time I finally saw her again this time to celebrate my birthday. I had many thoughts of what I would want her to wear from her purple lingerie to her pink robe and many other beautiful dresses to which I decided to have her surprise me. The day comes and I'm nervous after not seeing her for after so long but my nerves went to ease after arriving at her in call seeing her naked with sprinkles all over her perfect breasts and her holding a cake as she wished me a happy birthday, needless to I was surprised and extremely happy that I couldn't stop smiling as we both laughed. After a welcome kiss and some eating of sprinkles and honey we washed off to prepare for some overdue fun together while also having some fun in the shower. Queenie really knows what I like because after drying of she put on an innocent but also naughty looking white lingerie that I couldn't stop staring at. As we start to get on the bed we begin playing, she puts on nipple vibrators, we played with dice and a couple more toys, and as the playing continued the more intense it became. Queenie is a sweet but also really naughty girl who needs to have her hands tied up as she is taken from behind and afterwards turned onto her back as her arms and legs are tied together as you fuck her while she can't move. After an intense and sweaty moment together we calm down and eat some of the birthday cake which was one the most memorable moments of that date 2nd to the surprise when I entered. The cake was really sweet and creamy but not as sweet as her perfect lips while you cuddle up next to her, we begin talking about how life has been since our last date and how much I missed being with her and thanking her for giving me such an amazing birthday surprise. Then came the moment when I had to leave I cuddled up with her kissing her not wanting to leave but knowing that I had to, after washing up and a kiss goodbye I leave as I thank her again for an amazing time. This Birthday was by far the most memorable one I've had in years, spending it with an amazing women next to me who I can say I strongly care for as she makes me laugh and smile more than I ever have. I hope that when my next birthday is around that I can spend it together with her again and have another memorable moment together and hopefully having much more fun and for a lot longer and maybe going out for dinner. There's still many more things that I want to do together with Queenie and I look forward to more dates with her in the future and as I get older I will always be her young lover.
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