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Date published: September 15, 2018 at 6:18 pm
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My brief was simple, go to room 2031 and search for suspected stolen goods. As head of security this was going to be just a routine visit. How wrong could I be. The door opened revealing the sexiest of suspects, a naughty Asian schoolgirl. Sometimes you just love your job. A quick body search was called for, I ran my baton up and down her quivering frame but nothing was discovered. It was time to get my hands dirty, I stripped her bare and proceeded with the most glorious of cavity searches. Her nervousness soon turned to lust as I fingered and licked her to the first many orgasms of the afternoon. She decided some security footage would clear her name so we checked the footage she had secretly filmed. Wow, this girl was a true pro. I noticed a suspicious silver object on her bedside. 'Oh, that's my buttplug' she said. This inspection was heading to a whole new level. For The next three hours we wrecked the Bed and every part of each other. It was time to get out before I lost my heart, my mind... and my job. After taking her name and details, she promised to be a good girl so after the best blowjob I've ever had ... I let her off with a warning. That was: if ever she set foot in Sydney without letting me know, she would be arrested on sight. Catch this little burglar of hearts whereever she bobs up in your area. Proceed with caution, and a healthy libedo... youre gunna need it️
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