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Date published: November 24, 2016 at 10:50 am
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This is the third time I have seen Olivia and each time it truly is amazing. This booking took place over three days it was a long weekend from heaven. It was great to spend time with Olivia and it turned out to be the most amazing three days. So after meeting Olivia at the airport our chaffured pick up was waiting to take us to our first date a couples 3 hour spa booking which included sauna- spa -hot stone massage and relaxation which was bliss ... we could hardly keep our hands off each other
Then it was onto lunch and shopping in the city at Honey Birdette ... the fitting room was the best place to be and when the delightful sales attendant come in to join us it was hello kitty We all managed to behave and the lovely sales assistant even commented on Olivia's beautiful body she looked so hot We managed to make it back to the hotel and spent the afternoon between the sheets it was so good and yes the details are our secret
We did manage to drag ourselves out of bed that evening to a very classy restaurant and got to experience great cocktails food and wine
Waking up next to Olivia is bliss and as they say morning sex is so hot
After lunch it was then off to a Tantra Sex Massage booking this was off the planet and Zyah is a truly amazing woman with both of us reaching new heights I never thought existed. We left with orgasimc jelly legs and proceed straight back to the hotel only after buying chocolate and strawberries. Hmmmm so naughty but so nice.
Olivia is the most wonderful Lady and she deserves to be spoilt. I enjoyed my time immensely and from all reports Olivia did as well until next we catch up and yes the planning has started already. So if you are looking at booking a lovely lady who can be the perfect dinner date perfect lover perfect shopping companion and perfect conversationalist Olivia is your Lady don't delay make that booking today.
Thankyou for a most memorable three days left Radelaide totally shagged out
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