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Date published: February 21, 2018 at 11:34 am
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I have been following Natalie for several months on Scarlet Blue and Twitter.
And the more I read the more I really wanted to meet her.
Then early February Natalie announced her tour to Melbourne.
I then immediately sent Natalie an email, for a dinner date, with a couple of dates.
Natalie responded very quickly. And very quickly the date was locked in. Awesome.
All to Very easily setup. And she was so lovely in her emails.
Next then the long wait... For that date to come around... Lol.
Natalie did send me a couple of lovely emails during the wait.
This certainly added to the anticipation.
Then finally the morning of the date a quick confirmation , all Great.
Because of the busy day I had at work we agreed to meet at the Restaurant.
We both arrived at the restaurant at the same time...
Natalie was very easily spotted approaching the restaurant...
And she looked gorgeous in her black dress... Then my nerves started to kick in. Lol.
Luckily the nerves where gone after a minute or 2...
Had a very quick conversation out front and a kiss, then entered the restaurant...
During the time at the restaurant I found Natalie very lovely, engaging,
there were certainly never any quiet moments. The whole time at the restaurant went so quickly.
I felt it was more like meeting an old friend I have not seen for a long time...
So very happy this finally happened... So Great Company and the food and wine was pretty good to. Lol.
And as for the rest of the evening/night,
all I will say is that, I do so look forward to meeting the Gorgeous, Sexy Natalie again, again and again...
Sooner rather than later.
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