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Date published: July 4, 2018 at 10:33 am
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I was so crazy excited to learn that Natalie would be visiting my neck of the woods. I excitedly, but always politely, requested to meet her for a 90 minute social date. Her social date is basically a let’s meet up to get to know one another first, no intimacy, but let’s see if we get along, let’s see if we are compatible. Well….. This was simply the greatest decision I have ever made, we got along so fabulous. Natalie is a treat to spend time with, so easy going, relaxed and engaging, I enjoyed every second of her divine company. I asked her for another 90 minute social date later that same day, and a dinner date the following evening. I do believe that by investing the time to get to know one another first, creating that connection that the rewards will follow. Well…. After the 2 social dates and a beautiful dinner, when things heated up …. Sorry but that is between Natalie and I.

Thank you Natalie for a mind blowing experience that covered a couple days, lots of great chit chat, many laughs, amazing seductive looks, passionate embraces, amazing times. Thank you Natalie for the incredible memories I now own.

I highly recommended you politely request to meet Natalie for a social date, for a dinner date, any type of date, organising things with her is just so easy. Get to know her, I highly recommended you create your own memories, Natalie you are so divine Chris xxx
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