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Date published: February 13, 2018 at 12:27 pm
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I'll be in Rocky on 12 and 13 the message came through after having not heard from miss Molly for some time.Been on holiday and so the day and time was fixed.
Hardest thing now was to wait and those last few minutes for level and room number, then the lift and the tap on the door.What ever she wears or doesnt the beauty is astounding.Sat back on the sofa holding first one then the other leg up for me to take her shoes off.
The welcoming hug and kiss still lingering , her warm embrace and beautiful blue eyes as sincere as ever, as the pre meet texts .
She will never disappoint, let u down or make u feel less than the most important person in her world.
An urgency not before experienced followed kindling a raw passion not found before which made me realize that we dont see.each other enough.This is my life blood and the communication continuous enhanced the play with encouragement, definately a new dimension and realised its time and experience that brings these facets out , more time with her , as it gets better with every visit.
"When are u coming to Brissy ,", half way through a gasp for air my whole being screaming as soon as I can.Never seen miss Molly in such a state of enjoyment, focused articulate purposefully and determined to get what she wanted.
"-with me now" she called out twice and the third I was a touch late and with the aircin screaming we still had moist bodies and the odd riverlet. Running down.
There is only one Miss Molly Rose in the universe and an absolute privelage to know her ,, a life enriching experience always

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