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Date published: December 13, 2017 at 2:10 pm
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My meetings with Miss Molly Rose have been unforgettable and beautiful from a woman with class. Arranging our next sensual meeting I mentioned I had never had a threesome, so after much discussion and communication it was arranged with Ruby Tuesday.
Well the thought of the encounter was driving me crazy untillike I knocked on the door of the apartment on the arranged day.When the door opened there two Goddesses dressed in matching black lace gowns over their sexy black satin and lace lingerie.From that point on, it explored into pure ecstasy that when we got to the bedroom , I was pushed to the bed and the girls began to devour each other.After a while watching my dream come true I joined in.Over the next hour, which was definitely not enough, it was a pleasurable mix of entangled legs, arms and five sets of lips with oil all over our lustfull bodies.
Words can realy not explain the excitement and lustfull cries of passion of this encounter. Amazing and hot does not do it justice.The girls were over the moon with it and me and you know what we were in a state of --what can I say.Kisses till next time girls.
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