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Date published: October 18, 2017 at 8:23 am
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This isn't a review of a first encounter but a recollection of past visits, and while they are all a little deliciously different they are still all the same, from the enveloping embrace and kiss with that teasing tongue when I walk in the door to the lingering hug on leaving to renter the world after the refreshing break in the day that is MM.

To see MM opening the door in her her latest designer lingerie is a fine sight indeed before she then envelopes you in her embrace and you get that first delicious kiss or if she is feeling a little "hungry" presses you against the wall and takes that first hungry exploring kiss that hints at what's to come before you move to the bedroom where the kissing nibbling and licking continues while removing that lingerie and building the excitement.

After the inevitable ending MM likes to cuddle but what is nice is when she lays on you naked with the feeling of her heartbeat and breath soothing you as you recover, a longer time is good as MM is a qualifie masseuse and a massage is nice before he nibbling and kissing start again.

The last lingering hug and kiss goodbye tops of the experience that is MM which I hope to experience again soon.
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