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Date published: August 21, 2017 at 10:25 pm
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.M.M.R....Miss Molly Rose, and as agreed back in Rocky and the adiction confirmed..Yes she is adictive , that smile those fingers with dexterity popping shirt buttons, the way she hangs up yr clothes , comes up behind u and cuddles into u undoing the belt.Those soft neck kisses and warm hands exploring chest, neck , face and much lower." Oh look "she said " he's missed U" I said .
" if iI lie on my tummy will u kiss my whole back "??and so tiny sounds of pleasure she uttered and I kissed from head to toe.
.so by now a warm current of urgency triggered the start of a roller coaster of new level comfortable special kind of response.
Sometimes as gentle as a feather touching the body to a purpose filler passion, total abandon with exploding need , hands clasped so intense she passed over the line three counts, but with out pause she persued and persisted till arms locked with legs around me said " with me now" and we both hurteled to that finish line.
Those after cuddles are always the best like those from behind standing , total feeling the connection head to foot. Her beauty is unmatched in the after glow of pleasure, and she said " lie on yr tummy so I can cover u with me, " and she did , her full weight and warmth wrapped around , fingers entwined.
" let me give u a foot massage ",so with oil and chatting away I worked on one then the other foot." That feels wonderful" just like U " I said , and so the time came to part , both again not wanting to through the light and lingering hugs and kisses.
Till next time then my miss Molly Rose.

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