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Date published: July 19, 2017 at 10:22 pm
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Been an admirer of Molly for some time, but distance and circumstance the over riding reason nothing has happened.
Good golly Miss Molly , and suddenly she is touring Rocky .Text sent off and reply , playful spirited and full of fun. Molly is dynamic and insists on a phone call where u can hear her bubly personality and the assessment is made.Date and time set and the odd text to follow .rather cold day and sent the text on arrival and reply a call to say she would be down to fetch me, love that personal touch..
Standing by the lift never having met or seen her before saw people in and out of the lift then there she was. Radiant smile a beauty next to none and the apprehension disappeared, " ur Molly" was all I could say , that smile the dancing light in her eyes and her self confident poise , we made the lift to her room.
Her photos do nothing to give a real idea of her, and suddenly drawn in by a warm hug and kiss to welcome me we chatted and what a privelage to be here with her, the softest lips and warmest heart.
Let get that shirt off and closely followed the pants, and the embrace was like a hand in a glove , perfect symmetry ..What followed was a natural flow of movement and amazing response never seen before. Passionate and utterly consuming I was taken on a roller coaster ride filled with four mind blowing rain bow rides to the pot of gold , the last of which we both reached for symaltaniously gasping for breath arms locked around her once she had released my hands so pinned behind my head and felt her breathing return to normal and her chest balance our breathing
There are no words to explain her enthuasm and innovative consuming urgency and best to let her play it out , just enjoy .Never an awkward moment or hesitance in the direction she chose to take the encounter.
Looked up at her in sheer amazement to see the beautiful radiance in her features and enjoy her complete abandonment to me.
She commits totally and u become her world in the most warm and sincere environment which is Molly .Think it has to do with connection, happens in those first few moments of meeting and u realize how beautiful life really is
Molly is a keeper eternal. Totally unreal.

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