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Date published: July 11, 2018 at 9:48 pm
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I'd admired Molly from afar on Twitter, for quite some time too, loved her pictures and her way, so when she announced she was Auckland-bound I was in like Flynn, a sweet booking was made.

We meet in the lobby and the magic begins and just doesn't let up and it's still floating around days later, we're saying very happy hellos while still in the lift and I don't know what spell she uses but I'm instantly relaxed, aroused, and in the zone, rock and roll, let the party begin.

And I'll spare you the details, glorious they are but they're between her and me, but Molly grabbed hold of my ordinary little day and turned it into something else, something special, this was fun with a capital S, I just got swept up and carried away, to a beautiful place, she's an artist, a magician, a beautiful one at that, funky and sexy and my instincts were right; she is magic.
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