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Date published: July 25, 2017 at 6:22 pm
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Try to find a word that combines sexy, beautiful, sultry, charming and ultra hot all in one go. Struggling? Not possible? Then you've never met Mia!

Mia Monroe is a combination of all of this and sooo much more!

I've had the amazing pleasure and fortune of knowing Mia for a while now. From the very first time you meet this exquisitely stunning woman you'll find yourself immersed in the most hedonistic experience you could ever possibly imagine. Mia absolutely oozes sex appeal and uses it to satisfy you in ways you've only ever dreamed of.

There are many very beautiful and sexy girls all over the Internet promising all manner of delights. Trust me - and I'm not fresh off the boat on this one - you could spend a lifetime trying to find someone of the calibre of Mia. If this review doesn't help you to end that quest then you'll unfortunately never know just how much you've lost out on.

Mia takes amazing care of her clients - from beginning to end - and everything inbetween!

Let's talk about sex. Can you recall the most amazingly insane sex and orgasms you've ever experienced in your life? How about multiples of those? Whether you can remember or not - know that this is the art and skill of Mia Monroe!

We can talk about superior blowjobs (one of Mia's specialities), or her amazing love juice that she can squirt like no other, her dfk that's to die for or her pussy that tastes like heaven ..... and that's before we get into the intensity of her red hot and unparalleled skills in everything else that guarantees that you will place your encounter with Mia in your "Hall of Fame of Encounters!"

I can go on forever but that would be telling now wouldn't it! I'll leave it up to you to experience the wonders of this goddess - or contemplate what you've missed out on for the rest of your life!
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