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Date published: October 27, 2018 at 3:59 pm
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I’ve had the privilege of having known Mia for a few years now & categorically that she is 1 of the most beautiful women I have ever seen & not only is she stunningly gorgeous, but she is also 1 of the most genuine, honest, interesting & unassuming persons I’ve ever known, which makes her exponentially sexy beyond words.

I recently had a booking with her, which was beyond a shadow of a doubt, the best experience I’ve had with her yet. As mentioned, I’ve known her for a number of years & am very comfortable, yet extremely “excited” whenever I’m with her & during this particular afternoon Mia & I got “reacquainted” with each other & as mentioned it was absolutely the best time I’ve ever had with her, which is amazing in itself because every single booking I’ve had with Mia over the years has been nothing short of mind blowing & unforgettable.

Any booking with Mia is an amazing experience that leaves weak at the knees at the very least & I cannot emphasise enough how the “Mia Monroe Experience” is so amazing that there are no words to aptly describe it, except to say make a booking with her & then you’ll know how out of this World the “Mia Monroe Experience” truly is.
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