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Date published: March 13, 2019 at 7:42 am
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I had the very good fortune yesterday to quickly browse through my Twitter account and notice Lisa was in Adelaide. "Wow". I thought, could I possibly make this work today?"
Communicating with Lisa via SMS was easy, clear and business like but with a cute twist. We easily set up a time for mid-afternoon and although I could only spare an hour from a busy day I was so pleased.
I was a bit gobsmacked when I first met Lisa at the door to her small apartment in the Adelaide CBD. She is genuinely beautiful, tanned skin, slim, tiny waist, flowing hair, and she has the biggest smile and the most alluring eyes.
Lisa is easy to talk to and her English, including Aussie slang, is impeccable.
Our intimate time together was unrushed and we explored each others bodies fully. In fact, with Lisa's quiet moans and whimpers encouraging me on, I partook in practices that I never thought I ever would.
After "the event" we lay on the bed talking easily and laughing as we discussed our personal histories and experiences of Japan and Australia, beaches, cities and travel.
I will definitely return.
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