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Date published: June 19, 2018 at 6:26 pm
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A meeting after over two years apart and three months in the planning finally comes to fruition. We were to meet on Friday for what I was hoping to be 2hrs of fun. My body was not playing the game though I contacted Jessica, not wanting to cancel, but to see if chatting and catching up would be OK. Thankfully she said yes and an hour later she met me at my hotel and she looked as, if not hotter than I remembered. She could see I was not good. The next two hours of talking was just what I needed to settle the pain I was going through. She left and although things DID get hot and heavy for a few minutes, only talk was had. She left at the end of our time and I felt fulfilled.
I could not let this weekend in Sydney (down for Sexpo) go without fulfilling a SEXUAL connection. With 3 hours to go before my flight I check Twitter one last time. Low and behold Jessica was available for a last minute booking. BOY did I text her so quick. From text to her front door I think 40minutes elapsed.
I found out fairly quickly that our sexual connection hadn't lost a thing after two years. Hugs, kisses, hot shower and straight to the bedroom. It wasn't long before I was asked, no told, please let me see if your tongue still has it. Well I think I can say that my tongue still has his moves (certificate confirming was offered by Jessica lol). Some very hot sex was had ending in us both cumming at the same time.
Figuratively speaking I "Love" this woman. She is THE ULTIMATE GIRLFRIEND EXPERIENCE, hot as hell and the kindest soul.
I really hope this want my last time seeing her.
I hope to once again be in your arms, you are amazing. Thank you a million times thank you!!!!
Your number one Darwin Lover
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